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Wireless Network

Wireless networking is transforming the enterprise by infusing all parts of the operation with mobility – a strategic advantage for all lines of business including operations, administration, and other business and mission critical applications.

With an enterprise solutions, you will also drive down IT costs and be able to quickly deploy the latest applications and services. A proven leader in enterprise-class wireless networks, DJJ enables toll-quality voice, high definition video, and high speed data to all transact on one network, while maintaining corporate governance and information security that is essential for today's pervasive wireless networks.

Designed for the All-Wireless Enterprise

DJJ designed its network for the All-Wireless Enterprise: an organization that never needs to depend on wires for network connectivity. For enterprises seeking to maximize their human resources and connect with their customers, this has become a critical requirement. Achieving those goals requires assured reliable service throughout the company – not just at headquarters but in branch offices, temporary locations, and wherever business is conducted. With DJJ you can count on best-in-class performance for existing voice, video, and data applications, as well for new and unforeseen services.

Simple to Deploy & Manage

Most important for business agility, DJJ has made it simple to become an All-Wireless Enterprise with a network that is simple to deploy and easy to maintain. Trustworthy for any application, the network's simplicity and reliability minimize ongoing operating expenses and the need for on-site experts.

  • Wireless like Wire. DJJ's virtualized Wireless LAN offers all the performance that users expect from wired Ethernet combined with the mobility of cellular.
  • Quality of Service. Data applications get the predictable bandwidth they need while toll-quality voice is assured.
  • Airtime Fairness. Each client in your enterprise gets a fair share of the airwaves; unlike legacy wireless networks that have trouble adding the latest devices, you can confidently deploy the latest client technology and be assured it work with DJJ.
  • Strong Security and Simple Management. DJJ makes it easy to control the diverse devices that guests connect to a network while ensuring that internal applications get the resources they need.
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