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Networks today demand it all - high bandwidth, converged architectures, guaranteed interoperability, robust security and future compatibility. HP & D-Link switching solutions offer all that and more at a price point tailored to the budget-conscious market.

Wireless Switches

Wireless Switches create seamless converged wired and wireless networks. Seamless roaming, centralized AP management, and control through a web-based GUI or command line interface allow for high performance and easy-to-maintain networks.

Layer 3 Switches

Layer 3 switches are an ideal solution for large IP routed networks and may be applied at the network core. They support dynamic routing functions, advanced Quality of Service, security and are often stackable and may have 10 Gigabit uplinks.

Layer 2 Swtches

Layer 2 switches find their way into every application including light to heavy voice, video and data. Both Fast-Ethernet and Gigabit Layer 2 switches support multiple features designed to provide Quality of Service, network management and security.

Smart Switches

Smart switches are managed switches with a limited set of features. For a price much lower than a fully managed switch, they provide a web interface to allow configuration of basic settings such as setting VLANS of port speeds.

Unmanaged Switches

Unmanaged switches are ideal for the small to medium office and for data applications where no switch management is necessary. They are truly plug and play and have no configuration interface or options.


For a customized solution based on your business' needs, D-Link's modular chassis allows you to implement a solution-specific switch with multiple modules that will meet your requirements.

Switch Accessories

HP & D-Link provides a number of switch accessories so that your network administrator can further customize a network based on your unique needs.


Redundant Power Supply Units provide failover protection in case the switch's main power supply unit fails. This ensures continuous uptime so that your business runs more efficiently.

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