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Data Center Services

70% of small businesses are unable to recover critical data after a disaster strikes. It could be anything from a natural disaster to a disgruntled employee tampering with your systems.

Maintaining a disaster recovery site is costly and is out of reach for most companies. Professional vaulting services that transport tapes offsite can cost in the thousands of dollars making them cost-prohibitive. As a workaround, many business owners take tapes home and store them in their basement to save the day. Furthermore, all these options only store data, leaving your technicians to acquire and rebuild the servers themselves before data can be restored.

Synchronize your full backup to an external drive that will be shipped to our data center. Our trained staff will copy the initial image giving you a restore point to get started. Images are replicated daily allowing you to recover data in the event of a site loss.

If a client's office is wiped out, DJJ will ship you a replacement BCS preloaded with the backup images available at the data center (additional charges may apply). But you get more than just the backup files. The BCS's Standby Server functionality enables you to bring up your clients server environment quickly. This keeps them up and running with minimal downtime.

The backup chain is first sent to our primary data center and then replicated to another location across the country to keep your data secure and protected from regional disasters. Neither DJJ employees in the US or in Mumbai ever have access to your client's encrypted data. Backup chains stored at the data center are immediately deleted the moment you turn off replication.

Services Offered:

  • Secure facility with motion activated cameras and 24/7 monitoring
  • Clean power facility – UPS and diesel generator protected to ensure maximum uptime
  • High Availability Temperature controlled data center space
  • State of the art infrastructure and backbone to support key IT infrastructure
  • Redundant data centers
  • Backup data seeding
  • Next business-day BCS replacement (includes Standby Server and backup image)
  • Offsite data transfer and storage reporting
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